Resistivity/IP ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000/4000

Three operating modes (Resistivity, IP, SP). One complete unit.

Expandable to 2D/3D imaging and borehole tomography for a broad range of near surface geophysical applications.

Scope of applications, data acquisition speed, and accuracy have defined the architecture of the ABEM Terrameter SAS while thousands of successfully executed surveys around the world have proven its continuous reliability for applications in near surface geophysics. Core electronics, such as the Signal Averaging System (a.k.a Signal Stacking) from which the ABEM Terrameter SAS derives its name, deliver accurate and dependable results at maximized speed, reducing field time and optimizing return on investment. Bundled with productivity software, the ABEM Terrameter SAS continues the speed optimization paradigm from protocol configuration to data export.

Typical applications

  • Groundwater resource management and vulnerability assessment
  • Geotechnical pre-investigation
  • Geological mapping
  • Mapping/prospecting of natural resources
  • Geothermal prospecting
  • Sub-bottom mapping at sea and in lakes
  • Mapping of frozen ground/permafrost
  • Archaeology

Robust and portable.

Built for extreme environments. Designed for continuous operation under these conditions.

Cast in a robust aluminum casing and designed to meet the requirements of the IEC IP 66 standard, ABEM Terrameter SAS has proven its durability over XXX years of operating in some in the most aggressive environments in the world – from extreme heat and the corrosive environment of volcanoes to sub-zero arctic temperatures. Despite been designed to withstand exposure to these harsh conditions, the ABEM Terrameter SAS is still lightweight and portable – a key requirement for rapid field deployment.

Three operating modes. One complete unit.

Resistivity. Induced Polarization (IP). Self Potential (SP).

By integrating support for simultaneous resistivity, induced polarization (IP) and self potential (SP) measurements, the ABEM Terrameter SAS is able to minimize expensive field time while delivering high-quality data that has been validated and enriched by these complementary methodologies.




Out-of-the-box VES. Expandable to 2D/3D electrical imaging and borehole tomography.

While the basic out-of-the-box four-electrode configuration is capable of VES (Vertical Electrical Soundings), the ABEM Terrameter SAS can be expanded with the LUND Resistivity Imaging System and/or the ABEM SASLOG. High-resolution 2D and 3D electrical imaging surveys are possible using the multi-electrode LUND system, which allows the user full control over defining the cable geometry and switching protocols for a wide variety of arrays – Wenner, Schlumberger, gradient, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, pole-pole, square array, and more. Connected to the ABEM SASLOG, the ABEM Terrameter SAS is transformed into a fully functional borehole logging system capable of resistivity and induced polarization as well as self potential and temperature measurements that can be correlated with surface data to achieve a higher level of accuracy in the geological data.

Versatile, full-featured and powerful.

Multi-electrode arrays. Roll-along support. Signal Stacking. Noise reduction filters. Complete set of sampling technologies.

From tools to assist the user in designing and setting up a surveys to the state-of-the-art electronics at the core that control automated sampling and filtering to integrated software for interpretation and presentation of the data, ABEM Terrameter SAS has proven itself to be the most powerful and versatile near surface geophysical survey tool on the market. The easy-to-use UI (user interface) shortens the learning curve by guiding the users through common configuration steps allowing even the novice user to get up and running in a few hours. Support for multi-electrode arrays and roll-along, empower the ABEM Terrameter SAS with highly efficient 2D and 3D data acquisition and imaging capability over broad survey areas while the implementation of a variety of sampling technologies – resistivity, IP, SP and temperature that extend its range of applications.

Data acquisition rate 4X.

Four channels available. Simultaneous measurements on each channel.

The ABEM Terrameter SAS supports one- or four-channel operation. By leveraging optimized parallel processing across four galvanically isolated input channels, it is possible to increase sampling rates fourfold with the highest possible data quality and resolution.

Built-in productivity software.

Pseudosection plots. File conversion and export. Protocol configuration.

ABEM Terrameter SAS ships with built-in utility software for routine tasks at every step of your project – from protocol generation to data export in a wide variety of formats to be used in post-processing and interpretation software – resulting in increased productivity both in the field, and the office.

Signal Averaging and filtering.

Statistically validated data. High-fidelity measurements

The ABEM Terrameter SAS incorporates a sophisticated signal-averaging (or signal stacking) algorithm where consecutive readings are taken automatically and the results are averaged continuously to improve the accuracy of the measurements. In addition, the ABEM Terrameter SAS includes filters to remove noise from the incoming signal allowing natural and induced signals to be measured at extremely low levels with excellent penetration and low power consumption.

ABEM Service Pledge.

Keeping your project on track.

ABEM is committed to providing support that increases your productive and guarantees satisfaction. In addition to the standard two-year ABEM warranty, ABEM offers repair and calibration services for all its instruments and accessories. Our priority is to maximize the ROI of our technology throughout the course of your projects.